Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 4 Closet Challenge & 3 products I'm in love with right now

Day 4 of the closet challenge, this is one of my favourite sun dresses, I love the blue print, it makes it seem so vintage, love!

Meanwhile, I wanted to share my latest finds on the beauty side of things.

1. Benefit: Bad Gal Lash mascara. I'd already tried the Benefit Get Bent mascara and found it to be pretty awesome, so when I spotted this cheap on ebay, I jumped at the chance. It's actually really similar in formulation to it's Get Bent sister, but of course the brush isn't angular. I wear it over a mascara primer and it works better than a lot of the other one's on the market, even my Diorshow which had been my fave before it.

2. Maybelline dream liquid mousse: This stuff is brilliant! I have to say, I don't usually wear foundation, and if I do, it's MAC so this baby ( I thought) had to do some pretty big persuading. I won't be buying any other foundation. THAT good. it kind of fills things in so you're left with a natural looking smooth surface. Wicked.

3. Herbal Essences: Hello hydration. Decided to try this one after noticing the difference in my Aunty's hair using it. Being blonde, using blonde shampoo's can get very drying. The first thing I noticed was how soft my hair became straightaway.. a great thing seeing as during my holiday, to say it copped a lot of abuse would be an understatement! A week later and my hair feels much better, and the best part - it smells delicious!

More soon, hope you're having a great time,
<3 Lily


  1. Hi Lily!

    I'd feel honored if you added my name to your blog list. I love your style! All these cute little sundresses and darling prints are right up my alley. I envy you the summer clothing :)


  2. Kathryn you're so sweet,I'd love to have you on! I saw your post about loving neutrals and nearly burst, neutrals are seriously my staples. But being summer they haven't made too much of an appearance yet, while I make the most of the sun

    all my love, <3 Lily